A Day In the Life of Lead Facebook Ad Strategist - Mo Amin Khan

A Day In the Life of A Remote Professional Series

Remote Professional Profile

Name: Mo Amin Khan

Title: Lead Facebook Ad Strategist

Company: 99 Robots

Company Praise
Love the environment and how my company focuses on career growth and learning!

How did you find this position (explain this in detail)
I had been looking for gigs and clients on certain Facebook groups related to advertisements. There I came across a job opening. Applied as soon as I got the chance, was interviewed by Zion (their co-founder), and landed the job out of hundreds of applicants!

What is your professional background (career experience, degrees, certifications, etc.)

Bachelor's in Business Administration

Describe your remote workday?

Usually, start my day with daily deliverables -- these are a list of items that I need to submit or respond to. Work on these deliverables from time to time while communicating with clients, team members, and other colleagues. Sometimes there are client calls too (usually 2-4 a week) depending on the number of clients onboarded.

How do you communicate with your remote employers or team?

Via Zoom and slack

What do you believe is the biggest misconception about remote work?

That you don't work enough. Remote work is measurable and quantifiable.

What tools do you recommend new remote workers learn or use to be successful?

Slack, Asana, Zoom, Google Drive, and MS Office

If you were searching for a remote job today what is the one thing you would do to stand out and "get hired"?

Show them something - case studies, proof of tangible work, results!

How should people get in touch or connect?

Email me: khanamin4777@gmail.com