Remote Dream Job

Empathy, Culture Fit, and Honesty

Our planet is emerging from an ailing work culture. One where modern-day success was associated with a 15-hour workday. The “Hustler” or “Scrambler” mentality is now less acceptable than the "Hustle…but sleep for at least 8 hours” work-life balance philosophy. Despite our sense of awakening, do we live in a time where a Remote Dream Job actually exists? If so, what can I do to find one?

Today I came across a website on ProductHunt. Remotefit, with 711 upvotes and a few cool comments it made me think about empathetic hiring and how this might just be the solution to finding the remote dream job.

source: ProductHunt

According to BusinessSolver’s State of 2019 Empathy Summary,
"75% of CEOs believe the state of empathy needs to evolve.”

Clearly, empathy is a frontrunner in modern hiring. Though, it’s pretty obvious that most employers don’t exactly understand how to maintain empathy within the workforce. As a woman and a minority I under the battle for diversity and inclusion. Organizations like Facebook, Coca-Cola, and Kaiser Permanente all embrace the diversity and inclusion doctrine. However, as we shift into a forced remote landscape crafting an empathetic work culture will beg companies to substantiate Culture Fit to improve hiring metrics and maintain human capital. In the same regard, remote candidates need a mechanism to evaluate the empathy level of a company.

As a hiring manager, how can you make empathetic hiring decisions that leave with you with the right remote hire? Here are key questions we ask candidates during the screening process.

1. In 5 years what role do you see yourself fulfilling in the company?

2. What personal motivation drew you to apply for XYZ role?

3. What does your dream workday look like?

As a remote employee, arming yourself with “Honest” answers is imperative. This may require introspection but in the end, you’ll find yourself fulfilling a role you can actually call your dream job simply because you were honest with yourself about what your remote dream job looks like.

Hope you enjoyed this random tangent on empathy. What does your remote dream job look like? Let us know.