"The" Remote Job Hunt

Say no to deception, job spam, and UFO's

Welcome to our newsletter. Our goal is to empower remote workers and employers with the knowledge they need to say no to deception, job spam, and unqualified fake opportunities (UFOs). Webployable aims to be the Remote Work Survival resource aka the research hub for finding real remote-jobs, connecting with raw talent, and building relationships with your favorite CEO or hiring manager.

My name is Andrea and I’m writing this newsletter from the comfort of my at-home workspace. I detest “run of the mill” job boards. No one ever knows if:

  • It’s a legitimate job post - I mean are they actually hiring?

  • You rarely connect with anyone worth building a relationship with.

  • Sifting through the list of jobs in an entire job, right?

As a remote worker and business integrator, I’ve built my earnings from “work” that actually needs to be done remotely and networking with people who can actually hire. The truth is there are legitimate jobs that are entirely remote. You can build a thriving career from anywhere that’s detached from influencer marketing, being a web socialite, or whatever.

Here’s the problem. The internet is HUGE, everyone is a Founder, and no one knows what they should be getting paid. Even more alarming, remote workers don’t often know if a company will actually pay them. It’s the vein of every remote worker’s existence. While this newsletter will not solve the whole, “internet fraud and abuse” thing, the goal is to connect you with real CEOs, Hiring Managers, and Entrepreneurs that will help you improve your WIN rate, enhance your skills, and help you avoid falling into common job scam traps. If you’re a remote worker that wants more legit job-hunting leads complete this form and we’ll be in touch.

The Silver-Lining for Employers

Being on the hiring end of the spectrum as well my team understands the challenges associated with finding real, qualified employees. Whether you’re looking for a social media manager or a legit programmer it’s almost comical how often old hiring practices fail on the internet. Apart from the fact that we live in a global hiring environment screening through the dross of applicants is a job worthy of a popsicle or a Gucci bag. I mean there should literally be an award for this type of need in a haystack monotony. If you’re an employer searching for skilled remote employees complete this form and we’ll be in touch.

Thanks For Reading,

Webployable Team